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About me

Ayush Bishnoi was introduced to the world of technology in the 9th grade when he built his first PC. This is where his obsession with Linus Tech Tips started. In his third year now, he has seen the world's design grow from a user's perspective as well as from a developer's. Coordinator of a design event Clickbait, now the Vice-president of CSI-VIT. Ready to take on the next challenge from wherever it approaches.

"I have an approximate knowledge of many things"

-Luke Lafreniere 2k16

My Skills

My area of expertise these are the various technical/life skills that I have picked up throughout the my time in college, internships, hackathons, and self-learning.

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd
  • Python
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Google's Dialogflow
  • Azure IoTHub
  • Blender and 3d
  • Computer Hardware
  • Interpersonal

All the skills mentioned here are the skills I am confident in, skills that I have come to master as a developer and designer, skills that I am comfortable mentoring anyone in.


Computer Society of India

  • Send Codez: Winner
  • Riddler: Questions Team
  • Devspace: Designer
  • Clickbait: Coordinator
  • Core Committee Selections: Designer
  • Riddler: Lead Designer/Ideation
  • Devspace/Codespace: Lead Designer
  • Vice-President


  • Havells India Limited, Noida
  • Learning, Ethics, Progress, and Technological Skills. These are just some of the advances I made during my intership. In my time at Havells, a Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company with an extremely strong global presence.
The technical skills imparted during the internship was in the field of Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Natural Language Processing. I worked on two major projects during my time here, the first one being Havells’ friendly support bot, Ally. Before my time it was only deployed for the product category of ‘fans’ now it has been deployed for almost all of the products that Havells sells. The second one is a Multilingual Internal Google Action for fetching yours/your teams' sales data of any given time period.

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My work

As someone who loves to learn, I present to you a glimpse of what I have done as a designer/developer.


Clickbait is a graphic design event that brings together creative people and promotes the essential nature of design and propaganda.



A mind-buzzing online cryptic event that will make you scratch your heads. Plus, it's fun.



Devspace was South India's largest student developers' conference with a footfall of 800+ participants. Devspace included talks from Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Nvidia followed by workshops and an expo with opportunities and on-spot competitions for all.



O ya this is my Instagram. It's everyday bro with that disney channel flow. No, not at all I won't be able to keep up.



Schooling: initially started from Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj. Later in 5th grade when we shifted to Gurgaon, I continued at Shikshantar. Here I spent all my remaining 7 school years.

Shikshantar School 2017

I.C.S.E. 10th Grade Board Exams 88%
I.S.C. 12th Grade Board Exams 89%
I.S.C. 12th Grade Mathematics Board Exam 100%

University: after 12th I had realized my passion lay with engineering, after a battery of gruesome entrance exams I am pursuing my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering with Specialization in Internet of Things and Sensors.

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

B.tech ECE specialization in IoT and Sensors 2017 - 2021

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Here is my resume this one is a little out of date as I am constantly doing new things, I will update it after my next big achievement :P

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